Meet Guy DeGiacinto

Guy DeGiacinto is a dedicated and experienced real estate professional with experience representing both buyers and sellers in the Palm Beach real estate market. With a long history that goes all the way back to his hometown of Ontario, Canada, Guy has traveled from north to south to find a place where he can call home. West Palm Beach is more than just a destination for Guy, it’s home – and with that very same sentiment, he works to help his clients find their dream properties in a beautiful southern paradise.

Currently, Guy is a Realtor licensed in Palm Beach, where he serves the coastal cities in the region. From Port St. Lucie to Boca Raton, Guy maintains expert-level knowledge of these cities because he lives them and loves them. While Guy serves the larger community of West Palm Beach, he is also a proud member and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, along with athletes and celebrities in the area. With a strong background knowledge and expertise in waterfront properties, coveted gated communities, and the cream of the cop in terms of Palm Beach real estate, Guy is always motivated to work with members of these communities. 

Through hard-work, dedication, commitment, and passion, Guy is always focused on every last detail involved in a real estate transaction. He demonstrates exceptional client support and service every step of the way, and he is always willing to do whatever he can to solve the problems of his clients. A true solution designer, there is no issue too big to overcome, no challenge too large to solve, and no want too obscure to find. With Guy DeGiacinto, he is always committed to providing his clients with a once in a lifetime experience. 

Guy strives to ensure that he offers his clients “The Premier Choice in Palm Beach Real Estate.”

Guy DeGiacinto, Real Estate Professional with Keller Williams Coastal Partners

I truly believe that it is my duty to help my clients foster a connection with not only the home that they plan to purchase, but with the community they plan to situate themselves in. I want my clients to fall in love with their property and their environment because after all, that’s what feeling “at home” really means.

I live where I work, and that means the world to me. I love our community and I love the people in it. I want all of my clients to have the opportunity to feel that same love too. Palm Beach is more than just a sunny city on the coast – it’s a true paradise, and I believe that everyone deserves to access it.

Proud member and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community

The guiding principles that influence my work and client interaction are honesty, integrity, passion, equity, equality, continuing education, personal and business development, fun, and proactive productivity.  We cultivate lasting relationships that result in referral and repeat business. We have fun at work and enjoy what we do wholeheartedly. 

KW Rainbow Network
LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance
Institute for Luxury Home Marketing


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"I believe success is realized when my client says to me, “This is it—this is my dream home,” and all the conditions align with their preferences, or a seller allows another to create new memories in a home they’ve outgrown."


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